The Latest In Sleep And Wellness Care

Aug 16, 2021 | News

One of the keys to providing the best in sleep and wellness care, is to be constantly learning. Even if what you are doing is working for you now, what if you can learn something to make your services and the outcomes even better?

Educating Our Team On The Latest In Sleep And Wellness Care

When it comes to long term sleep care and outcomes, good enough is no longer good enough. And that is why educating everyone on the team is the key to our success. There is no shortage of quality dental, sleep and wellness education around.

Whether it be local, regional, or national events, attendance is crucial to learn what is new and cutting edge in dentistry and how to implement these new systems and technologies into our practice. And we don’t mean just for the dentist.

Dr. Singh, founder of Vivos Therapeutics, Inc

In 2021, our staff attended the Sleep and Wellness Conference where Dr. Singh, founder of Vivos Therapeutics, Inc, spoke on the topic of Review of Current Evidence On Physiologic Remodeling Of The Upper Airway.

Dr. Singh is regarded as a leading professor in the field of SDB in all its many forms. He was awarded a grant by the British Society for Developmental Biology (University of Oxford, UK), and later was appointed to the Board of Examiners, Royal College of Surgeons of England. As an “outstanding professor” supported by Harvard University, University of Michigan, and University of Hawaii, he was invited to relocate to the US where he led a NIH-funded program of clinical craniofacial research.

Currently, he is a Board Member of the American Sleep and Breathing Association and Member of the World Sleep Society. He has published over 200 articles in the peer-reviewed medical, dental and orthodontic literature, and 7 books/chapters. His pioneering research into epigenetic influencers on craniofacial growth and development led to the development of the patented DNA appliance® and mRNA appliance® technology.

He holds a DDSc in orthodontics from University of Dundee, UK, a Ph.D. in Craniofacial Development from University of Bristol, UK, and a BDS/DMD in dentistry from University of Newcastle, UK. In 2020, Dr. Singh was given a lifetime achievement award as one of the world’s top 100 doctors in dentistry for his work on sleep apnea.



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